OEM productionWHAT

We work alongside our customers, to the resolve commercialization issues together.
As needlework professionals, we will do our best to respond to any request.

From very small production lots to mass production

Marutomi responds by changing the production base depending on the project, its size and delivery times.
There is no need for you to change the manufacturer depending on the lot, leave everything to us!

We can also make proposals from plans and design drawings.

Please feel free to contact Marutomi for PB planning and MD who are having trouble thinking of their seasonal plans and design proposals.
We also propose designs to meet requests based on materials, budgets, delivery dates, functions, etc., and also propose specification and sample creation.

Materials other
than leather also available.

In addition to leather, we also manufacture leather accessories made mainly of nylon and canvas fabrics, as well as all-nylon men’s bags, etc. It is also possible to collect materials from Italy, South Korea, China, etc. and produce them overseas. Please feel free to contact us regarding this.

OEM, original item examples

  • Various
    men’s and ladies bags
  • Sports bags
  • Golf goods (covers, etc.)
  • Hand bags
  • Business bags
  • Various fashion bags
  • Various
    apparel accessories
  • Pouches and pencil cases

Other various leather goods

While we mainly handle leather products, we can also propose and produce items using a wide range of materials such as nylon, canvas fabrics, and synthetic leather (PU / PVC leather).
We support a wide range of products, from soft silhouette products for ladies to formal products such as men’s business goods. We cover almost all kinds of apparel accessories such as bags and wallets, etc., so please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about the production of items that are not included in the lists above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many very small production lots do you start from?
Basically, we start from 10. But, we will consider availability and your situation, and meet your request in some cases. Please feel free to contact us to make a request.
Is it possible for the fabrics and materials prepared by me to be used for manufacturing?
Of course it is possible. In some cases it may be difficult depending on the material and shape of the bag, so please get in touch to discuss.
I have a product for reference. Can I make a product with the same shape but using a different material?
If you have a product or paper pattern, it is possible to make an identical product. However, depending on the quality of the original product, there are some products that are likely to have problems later if they are made in the same way. We will answer you after carefully inspecting the product.
Can you make anything that can be made by sewing leather material?
Most things are possible, but we may not be able to handle them depending on the make and type of product. Please feel free to contact us to make an enquiry.
I would like to make a product with a printed pattern. Can I make a request from the print?
No problem. There are some restrictions on printing methods depending on the material and the production lot, so we will discuss the technical aspects of printing with the material supplier and propose the printing method.
Is there a cost for making a sample? Is mass production possible without making a sample?
Generally, a product is produced after making a sample. Production without a sample is not recommended as it presents a risk to all. The sample fee depends on the type of product, and we are happy to provide a quote any time.
What happens in the handling of export and import of materials used in manufacturing?
We can even send materials arranged in Japan and other foreign countries to overseas factories for production. At the same time, we can also support domestic production using overseas materials. Please leave everything from materials to manufacturing, inspection and delivery, to us.