Overseas basesCHINA

Over 30 years of experience has been accumulated with Marutomi.
Advanced sewing techniques and quality control know-how are our greatest strengths.

Our Chinese factory that has grown to be responsible for manufacturing big brand bags.
How did it become possible to manufacture the highest quality products?

Established as a joint venture in 1994.
Initially, we generally produced ladies’ bags made mainly of synthetic leather and fabric materials, and like other Chinese factories at that time, our factory system provided low prices and mass production.
But, when we thought about our factory’s future, we felt that even if prices are somewhat more expensive, making high-quality products was paramount. And we have made efforts in that direction.
In order to renew the factory’s production system, over many years we sent first-class artisans from Marutomi to patiently instil Marutomi’s manufacturing concepts in order to develop a large number of new generation Marutomi artisans.
As a result of that effort, the Chinese factory has grown so that it can also manufacture big brand bags. It has now become a factory that can produce high quality products with confidence.

We send carefully selected materials to our factory
and create products with advanced technology.
We deliver high quality not only through the manufacturing process but right through to final delivery of products.

High-quality products require a strict factory management system.
From main materials such as leather to auxiliary materials such as metal fittings and fasteners, etc., to core materials that cannot be seen from the surface, we never compromise. All materials procured through our own routes are inspected in the factory, and only materials that meet strict standards are used in production.
Of course, we set our own standards in each step of the manufacturing process with strict quality control. Furthermore, based on the idea that “products come from manufacturing, delivery, and after-sales service”, we are constantly striving to improve on our quality from final finishing to packaging.