Anything from very small production lots to mass production and logistical design proposals.
Please contact us for all projects.

We produce leather products not only in Japan but also in Bangladesh, Myanmar and China.
Based on the Japanese production technology and know-how that we have cultivated for more than 50 years since our beginnings, we have made it possible for the overseas artisan who we have educated, to produce in overseas factories high-quality products that correspond to those produced in Japan.
Direct delivery from the factory is possible, saving time and money.

Overseas factory with secure partnerships that
ensure our strength in mass production.

Our Bangladesh factory has acquired LWG certification.

Marutomi Group’s Bangladesh factory acquired LWG certification in 2021. In addition, at the Bangladesh factory we can also develop new original leather.

Other Marutomi Group factories can also acquire LWG leather and produce products.

We never compromise on quality.
With keen eyes and skilled hands, our artisans provide a professional finish.

Reliable techniques that harnesses the knowledge and experience of skilled artisans.
In Japan, with its long history with leather products, it is possible to produce products of the highest quality in the world.
We will sincerely respond to requests from customers who want to produce the highest quality products and products made in Japan, as well as inquiries that require advanced techniques that have been refused by other companies.