Products made in Japan are of the highest quality
without compromise.
These are products that Japanese artisans have put their heart and soul into, and are truly unique.

Japan’s bag and luggage industry has a long history dating back 1,000 years.
It started as tools for carrying loads, to sachets and pillboxes, and with the influx of Western culture, it has evolved into today’s fashion accessory industry.
At every step in history, at the foundation of the evolution of Japanese technology has been consideration for the user.

“I want to make sure holding the strap won’t hurt your hand”, “I want to make sure it won’t damage your clothes or irritate your body”. The attention to detail that is characteristic of the Japanese people is refined in order to create products said to be of the highest quality.
Marutomi Shokai is constantly evolving its technology by adapting its manufacturing methods in line with the changing times, building on the technology and traditions that our predecessors have developed.

For reliable quality from hand to hand with warmth and imagination from the artisans.

Since its beginnings in 1963, Marutomi has continued artisanship that always strives to give shape to the customer’s wishes.
Even for designs that others may say are impossible, we strive to work with our customers to find a solution in order to give shape to their desires as closely as possible. To do that, it is imperative that we are intimately familiar with the materials and the production know-how to create with sufficient durability in mind.
The techniques we have developed so far will surely help our customers to “shape their desires”. We work with that philosophy in mind and will continue to do so. We will work sincerely for our customers.

Whether it’s a very small production lot or mass production, our thoughts on artisanship do not change.
We will respond to any request with the “Marutomi Spirit”.

Were you refused because you wanted to produce in small quantities? Do you want to make a high-quality product for a low price? Please feel free to contact us with your requests. We’ll do everything we can to respond to your needs, right from the design if necessary.
Marutomi which has production bases in Japan as well as China, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, can flexibly respond to any request.