Overseas basesMYANMAR

The ASEAN region, said to be
the next generation’s ‘factory of the world’.
Introducing a joint venture involving Marutomi in emerging Myanmar.

Retaining the technology and know-how
that has continued in the China factory for 30 years.
Mass production with high quality standards is possible in Myanmar.

As production in China specializes in big brands, in order to continue to meet customer demand, and looking ahead to the next ten years, Myanmar has emerged as a new country for manufacturing.
Myanmar is characterized by a very young and abundant workforce and a diligent and hard-working national character. The Myanmar government also welcomes the expansion of factories like ours, and we can also benefit from no tariffs, etc.
By applying the technology and know-how of the Chinese factory, which we have grown and developed over more than 30 years, together with the engineers to the Myanmar factory, we have grown to be able to produce high-quality products in a short period of time.

Because it neighbors China, India, Thailand, etc.,
Myanmar can procure materials easily.
In the future, we will provide direct delivery and direct sales overseas, as well as in other ASEAN countries.

Myanmar is an ASEAN member country, neighboring China, India and Thailand, with no shortage of material procurement. The strength of the Myanmar factory is that the materials managed by our China factory can be transported by land to the Myanmar factory as is, and the same standard can be produced at a high level.
In addition, it is expected that Myanmar’s presence will increase moving into the future, as logistics to ASEAN and other areas progress further. The Myanmar factory can serve as a base location for direct delivery and direct sales to each country, and is becoming an important factory base for reducing not only production costs but also distribution costs.