Introducing the process from inquiry through to finalization of specifications, related to the OEM consultation project.

We listen to you!

After receiving your inquiry, our sales staff will contact you.
Please tell us all your wishes including materials to be used, production lot to be used, design, budget, delivery date, etc.

Suggestions and quotations

After listening to your needs, we will propose the most suitable materials, components, designs, etc. for you, and at the same time, we will provide a rough estimate.
If the specifications can be finalized to some extent at this point, we can also provide an approximate schedule regarding the country of origin and delivery date.

Sample creation

We will make a sample after receiving your OK on our proposal. The sample takes about 1 to 2 weeks to prepare. By making a sample, it is possible for you to get a feel for the product, and check with your hands the different parts, detailed specifications, usability, etc. and see if it is what you imagined.
Please note that major changes in specifications after the sample is made, including materials and design, may require another sample preparation, which increases the sample cost.

Specification confirmation and production

Based on the final sample, we will create the specifications for mass production. At the same time as documenting the information necessary for mass production, such as which material to use, etc., we also create checking items for stable quality control, such as inspection check-lists.
After receiving the purchase order, production will start according to the specifications. In the case of production in Japan, it takes on average about 2 to 3 months from the first meeting to final delivery.

Things you can prepare to make the process smoother!

If you can prepare even some of the following items of information at the time of our meeting, the process from proposal to quotation will be smoother.
If it isn’t possible, don’t worry, of course even without it, we welcome all consultations and quotations!

  • An image of the surface material
  • A photo or design drawing of your item
  • A real sample that
    can be used for reference
  • The kind of fabric you want for the lining
  • Proposed quantity and delivery date
  • Requests for small parts such as metal fittings, etc.