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Bangladesh is full of human resources with a population of more than 160 million.
Introducing our large factory launched from scratch by Marutomi.

A large factory that can mass produce high-quality products.
What is the secret to being able to develop new LWG-certified leather and to offer products at low prices?

Our Bangladesh factory, with its very own tanner, is unrivaled in developing new leather.
We acquired LWG certification in 2021, and are working on environmental measures such as the safety of the chemicals used and water treatment, to meet global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Furthermore, we have a wide network in Asia and Europe, and have the advantage of being able to directly procure various materials from other countries.
We also care about environmental issues and have acquired ISO14001 (environmental management system) certification.

As a bag manufacturer, we are the first Japanese company to set up a joint venture with a Bangladeshi company.

Marutomi established Japan’s first joint venture company with Bangladesh in October 2007.
It began with accepting three Bangladeshi scholarship students.
In Japan, they have grown into artisans with an understanding of Marutomi’s approaches and techniques. They are the central technical pillars of the Bangladeshi factory that we started together from scratch.
We pride ourselves on being able to produce products in Bangladesh to the same quality as in Japan.

From friendship bonds and SDGs initiatives, we walked together with the locals, and ultimately established an elementary school.

In villages in Bangladesh, not all children can go to school.
After establishing a joint venture in 2007, we established an elementary school with Abedin Group, something they have been doing since 1983.
In 2013, we led the school to nationalization under the Bangladeshi government and primary education sector. Currently, 120 children are studying hard in the newly renovated two-story building.
As part of our combined social welfare activities, we continue to supply students with school bags and other equipment.